Are you ready to experience the You that is peaceful, healthy, and joyous? Experiencing a fabulous life requires the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to be on the same page–a page that has FABULOUS written all over it. As long as the subconscious mind is not on board with the peaceful, happy life, any attempts the conscious mind makes to change in that direction will be met with sabotage and resistance.

Most people don’t know how to alter their subconscious minds. That’s where my work comes in. I have a number of self-healing exercises available on this site and I urge you to look around and try them. And be sure to reach out with any questions. It is a glorious thing to release self-sabotage and experience the greater realization of potential!

From the first time I met Allie, I have felt an amazing connection with her. She is so emotionally and spiritually in tune with those around her!

Allie has performed a foot zoning session on me, and one of the things I was really struggling with at that time was moderate sternum pain related to breastfeeding in a side-lying position. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had that sternum pain, and I feel very strongly that I can contribute Allie’s foot zoning session to that! During this foot zoning session, Allie performed an emotional healing session and was able to help me release a lot of pent up emotions. I have felt the residual effects of having those emotions released and am so grateful to her for that!
I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Allie’s classes. She is great at involving each student. I can tell she takes her classes very seriously and prepares for each class.
Allie is the kind of person who emits light and shares that light with those around her. She is an amazing person who I always want to be around!

~ Lisa B. in Utah

released a lot of pent-up emotions

Allie’s energy work is amazing! She has helped me work through childhood issues and reduced my migraine 50% at one time. I haven’t had a large migraine for a while now and feel that it was mostly because of Allie’s work. Amazing! – Megan in Utah

I haven’t had a large migraine for a while now